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Now, all nerds know not to be anywhere near the lead bully in your school, but somtimes contact is inevitable. Probably the most used action against a nerd is the swirly. This is a horrible concept. First the bully grabs you by you neck and shoves you head into a toilet bowl. Not so pleasant…huh? It is even worse when the toilet is full of excrement! I have devised a no swirly guide for the unfortunate nerd:

1. Give the bully your lunch money.
2. Be the bully’s slave.
3. Give yourself a swirly. (Go down with dignity!)
4. Produce an extremely long mathmatical equation that bores the bully to death.
5. Take steroids. Give the bully a swirly.

There you have it, an easy guide for getting out of swirlies!


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Are You a Nerd?

Welcome! This is the hot-spot for nerds! Feel free to express you nerdiness anytime, any way! This is a place for you! I’d like to start with a post that deciphers if you are a nerd or not!

1. You never get invited to social parties, but you think it is because you too cool for them.

2. You go to ComicCon every year as a character from World of Warcraft.

3. You maintain a grade point average of 4.5. The .5 is from extra credit!

4. Your only friend is your computer.

5. You think “hooking up” is booting up your computer.

6. Your mom still dresses you.

7. Your always behind on gossip.

8. You spend your life in the computer lab at school.

9. You like techno music.

10. You think being bad is not raising your hand to answer a question.

So, are you a nerd?


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