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A List of Things to Do When Your Bored (if you are a nerd)

If a nerd ever gets bored, which is a rare event, considering they are always wrapped up in research or something, these are the best things a nerd can do!

1. Get on the computer and immerse yourself in a random game or topic

2. Monty Python – the best movies EVER if you are a nerd (for some reason most people don’t find it funny but with my nerd friends its the most hilarious thing)

3. Be way to specific about something

4. Play World of Warcraft. Nothing like a level 80 character!

5. Read the dictionary.

We here at Nerds Rule! personally do these activities when we are bored! Try them out!



April 17, 2008 - Posted by | activities, Nerd

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  1. Did you ever consider that there is a Monty Python quote for every occasion?

    I.E. You can literally conduct a conversation using nothing but MP quotes. Especially from Holy Grail and Life of Brian.

    It’s particularly useful when avoiding social interactions with “normal” people.

    Comment by eksith | June 24, 2008 | Reply

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