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The Game (ahh i just lost)

Rule 1: You are playing the Game

Rule 2: When you think about the Game, you lose

Rule 3: Loss must be announced i.e I just lost the Game


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Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. I thought I’d let everyone know that. Though it is not as appreciated in America, soccer is an extemely popular sport throughout the world it is the numero uno sport in South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia. That’s 5 out of 6 habited continents. The soccer organization association FIFA has 204 member countries and once had more members than the UN. But enough about popularity. Let’s get into some leagues and scores etc.

MLS- Major League Soccer is the American soccer league and covers Canada and the US It is probably the least popular league in the world.

Priemiership- the English soccer league. It is the most competitve and popular league in the world. As of now Manchester United holds the lead followed by Chelsea and Arsenal.

Spanish Priemier- Another popular Eurpoean league, the Spanish priemeir is host to clubs such as Barcelona, Real Madrid and Villareal.

Serie A- the Italian soccer league- extremely popular and known for its number of brawls. I can say that every month there is a brawl at an Italian stadium where the police are involved. Inter Milan holds the lead now with Roma following in close second.

Those are the most important club leagues in my opinion and I won’t bore you with more but heres a list

Super Liga

Hyudai A-League

Australian League

Scottish Priemier

There are leagues in all of the coutries of Europe, most Middle Eastern countries including Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, most of Asia, South America, and North America. Way to many to list. There are many international club and natioanl competitions such as UEFA, EURO, and the World Cup.


For scores, standings, statistics, leagues, teams, and anything else you could or want to ever know about the world’s greatest game go to

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is it worth it? <3

holla senoritas and gentlemen! So, after much consideration and listening to a fellow nerd, it has come to my attention that there is a lot of ruckus about who to like in the new spring season. Well, I’m hear to let you know that there are many things to consider before announcing to the world that you have a crush on a certain chico or chica. First of all, is he or she even in your league? Looking at chemboy’s post, you can see that everyone has a league, and picking someone who would never give you the time of day is definitely a waste of time, energy and fantasies. Second, is he or she a friend, or for that matter, a best friend? Allowing romance into such a close relationship could either make or break the friendship. So, consider the consequences of developing a crush on a best friend before everything turns sour, and you not only lose your new found crush, but a best friend, too. Thirdly, make sure who you like either talks to you in person, or via cyber means, such as text or im. Even if you and your crush happen to be a bit awkward in person, talking via text or im opens up a new medium to learn a bit about each other, and think about what you say instead of blurting out something stupid and irrelevant in person and then regretting every second of being with the person you like. When it comes to asking the person out, don’t be vague about it and make them have to ask your best friend to find out what you were really thinking by saying whatever you said. Be straight, concise, and to the point. Simply ask, “Do you want to go out with me” or “Do you want to be my girlfriend/boyfriend?” and try not to embarass yourself in the process. So that would about wrap-up my views on how to pick a crush for spring and summer relationships! Now go find that one person that makes your stomach to summersaults and just puts a huge smile on your face whenever you see them. Good luck Nerds!<3 you know you love me =)

and here’s a little something for those of you in love already..

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Special Article Now Up

Although it has nothing to do with hacking and programming, I have updated my page with a little something special. <– Direct Link

Check it out!


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nerd fashion

The fashion world is huge. Paris, Milan, LA, London. You can smell couture in the air. Glamour. But what about the nerds? Those who spend days memorizing the digits of pie. Surely, they don’t keep up with Vogue or the hottest stores. What do they really wear? What is in their drawers? I am hear to uncover the truth.

Below are three nerds: be sure to take in their style:

Steve Urkel, legendary top nerd.

Napoleon Dynamite, His uncle, and brother

Notice both Steve Urkel and the animated nerd are fashioning glasses. An uber nerd tends to have a cord connecting the two ends of the eyeglasses. If you have a cord, you are either a nerd, or a grandma/grandpa. Typical nerds also have ductape fashioning as wallpaper for the bridge of the eye glasses. Very hot

Another must in a nerd’s closet is a pair of suspenders. Suspenders are basically a woman’s necklace or bracelet. It simply is an accessory.

Now for the basic pants and shirt, male nerds surprisingly do have some options. Starting from the top, a polo. Now, polos today are a hot symbol and a must for hotties. Nerds however, have their own special, geeky polo. These polos have obnoxious colors and a very mature pattern. Collared shirts with hawaiian, plaid, or animated characters such as Pokemon or Looney Toons is ofted fashioned over a pair of dockers kakhis. Now these kakhis go way above the belly button, exentuating their butt, or lack of thereof. A simple black belt is worn for the too loose pants from target. Jeans are also word in a similar fashion. BTW nerds always wear pleated pants! and TUCKED IN SHIRTS ARE A MUST!

For shoes, nerds wear all type of shoes! the only constant is a pair of long white socks!

Accessories are also a must for the nerds too. Their significant low social status shouldn’t mean they can’t accessorize! Now, a typical nerd always has a calculator in his pocket. you must be wondering WHY?. Well, with a calculator, they can always find out the equation of a circle, or compute mathematical problems. Some simply hope that cute little girl they could never get is in desperate need of one, so they could hand her one cooly. Another accessory that is a must for the latest portable game console. For those social parties where nerds are just invited because the cool kids’ parents pity them, these little nerds can simply whip out their PSP and play some supermario, or pokemon! A third accessory is a watch with all the gadget features! screw rolexes.. go with a calculator/digital watch combo! Don’t forget a nifty pen holder and a bow tie!

So there you go. The attire a nerd has. I hope you enjoyed it!

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How to be a nerd!

This is an informative video on how to be the best nerd you can be!

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Dating for nerds!

Ok, this is a big topic on every immature nerd in the universe. Girls. And how to get them. Well, we have the answers. First let’s find out who’s in your league:

Not in your league:                              In your league:     


So we covered who you are looking for, but what do you say. You can always go for the nerd approach like,” Do you want to see my pocket protector?” or,” May I review your body structure to test for harmful diseases?” But if you want to be certain to get a date say,” Hey baby, I’m no Fred Flinstone, but I’ll make your bed rock!” Isn’t that better? So go, have at it, and tell us what happened!

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so where did ‘nerd’ actually come from?

 Well, since we all seem to be ‘nerds’, I figured it could be beneficial to learn about the roots of the word. “Nerd” was first coined by Dr.Seuss in one of his most famous books ‘If I Ran the Zoo” , in which the narrator says he would claim ‘ a Nerkle, a Nerd, and a Seersucker too” Word of the use spread throughout the world, although meaning ‘square’ or ‘drip’, a dull person. It wasn’t until the 1970’s that ‘nerd’ pointed to the connotations and bookishness of social ineptitiude. The stereotypical nerd is intelligent but socially and physically awkward. In film and television depictions, nerds are disproportionately white males with glasses and braces. They typically appear either to lack confidence or to be indifferent or oblivious to the negative perceptions held of them by others, with the result that they become frequent objects of scorn, ridicule, bullying, and social isolation. Some nerds show a pronounced interest in subjects which others tend to find dull or complex and difficult to comprehend, or overly mature for their age, especially topics related to science, disambiguation, mathematics and technology. On the opposite end of the spectrum, nerds may show an interest in activities that are viewed by their peers as immature for their age, such as trading cards, comic books, or role playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons and other things relating to fantasy and science fiction. They are also stereotyped for being obsessed with Star Trek, Star Wars, and other science fiction shows or movies. Nerds are often portrayed as either obese or incredibly thin and nonathletic. Nerds are also portrayed as having symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder such as by showing an extreme devotion to following classroom rules.The favored drink of most nerds is Mountain Dew. This might seem a strange thing but there is reason behind. Nerds, are not home by ten o’clock. Nerds surprisingly are night owls. They will stay out until after dawn and it’s always doing the same thing: playing video games or playing Dungeons and Dragons. They have to get their energy from somewhere and Mountain Dew is full of sugar and caffeine. Even when nerds stay home, they are still up all night on the computer, playing video games or just playing video games. Starbucks and energy drinks are common staples for a nerd as well. So basically, that right there, is exactly what a nerd is =]

 and here’s a little something for your viewing pleasure;

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Bits and Bytes

OK, assuming most of you are computer illiterate, I will begin to attempt to teach you about file sizes, and their respective names, than give a short quiz, and the winner gets a custom program. All answers to this quiz should be emailed to me, with the title QUIZ ANSWERS! and your name. I will announce the winners shortly after. Let’s begin!

A byte is the smallest form of storage. The basis for all other forms of storage.

A killabyte is the next one up. Almost 1,000 bytes.

A megabyte is 1,000 killabytes.

A gigabyte is 1,000 megabytes.

And for all you sneaky people out there that want to know, yes, a yottabyte is the biggest form of measurement. It is represented as 2 ^ 80 power.

OK, and now for the questions.

1) If a file is 243 MB, and the hard drive can hold 320 GB max, how much percentage of the hard drive is left over after the 243 MB are added on?

2) If a computer sends files at a rate of 56KB/per second, and the file is 443 MB, how long will it take to transfer?

3) How much memory is left on a 75BG hard drive after the following programs are installed?

-A 6KB notepad file

-A 4GB Game stolen off a torrent (jeez)

-243MB worth of Word Documents

-16GB of video

-472MB of music

-2.6GB of illegally downloaded music

-3GB of porn (holy crap)

Good luck everyone!

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