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The fashion world is huge. Paris, Milan, LA, London. You can smell couture in the air. Glamour. But what about the nerds? Those who spend days memorizing the digits of pie. Surely, they don’t keep up with Vogue or the hottest stores. What do they really wear? What is in their drawers? I am hear to uncover the truth.

Below are three nerds: be sure to take in their style:

Steve Urkel, legendary top nerd.

Napoleon Dynamite, His uncle, and brother

Notice both Steve Urkel and the animated nerd are fashioning glasses. An uber nerd tends to have a cord connecting the two ends of the eyeglasses. If you have a cord, you are either a nerd, or a grandma/grandpa. Typical nerds also have ductape fashioning as wallpaper for the bridge of the eye glasses. Very hot

Another must in a nerd’s closet is a pair of suspenders. Suspenders are basically a woman’s necklace or bracelet. It simply is an accessory.

Now for the basic pants and shirt, male nerds surprisingly do have some options. Starting from the top, a polo. Now, polos today are a hot symbol and a must for hotties. Nerds however, have their own special, geeky polo. These polos have obnoxious colors and a very mature pattern. Collared shirts with hawaiian, plaid, or animated characters such as Pokemon or Looney Toons is ofted fashioned over a pair of dockers kakhis. Now these kakhis go way above the belly button, exentuating their butt, or lack of thereof. A simple black belt is worn for the too loose pants from target. Jeans are also word in a similar fashion. BTW nerds always wear pleated pants! and TUCKED IN SHIRTS ARE A MUST!

For shoes, nerds wear all type of shoes! the only constant is a pair of long white socks!

Accessories are also a must for the nerds too. Their significant low social status shouldn’t mean they can’t accessorize! Now, a typical nerd always has a calculator in his pocket. you must be wondering WHY?. Well, with a calculator, they can always find out the equation of a circle, or compute mathematical problems. Some simply hope that cute little girl they could never get is in desperate need of one, so they could hand her one cooly. Another accessory that is a must for the latest portable game console. For those social parties where nerds are just invited because the cool kids’ parents pity them, these little nerds can simply whip out their PSP and play some supermario, or pokemon! A third accessory is a watch with all the gadget features! screw rolexes.. go with a calculator/digital watch combo! Don’t forget a nifty pen holder and a bow tie!

So there you go. The attire a nerd has. I hope you enjoyed it!


April 18, 2008 - Posted by | Fashion, howto, Nerd


  1. what do nerds do for underwear?
    boxers or briefs?

    Comment by wildcats10fc | April 18, 2008 | Reply

  2. i vote boxerss, with little rubber duckies on them!

    Comment by couturex3kc | April 18, 2008 | Reply

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