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so where did ‘nerd’ actually come from?

 Well, since we all seem to be ‘nerds’, I figured it could be beneficial to learn about the roots of the word. “Nerd” was first coined by Dr.Seuss in one of his most famous books ‘If I Ran the Zoo” , in which the narrator says he would claim ‘ a Nerkle, a Nerd, and a Seersucker too” Word of the use spread throughout the world, although meaning ‘square’ or ‘drip’, a dull person. It wasn’t until the 1970’s that ‘nerd’ pointed to the connotations and bookishness of social ineptitiude. The stereotypical nerd is intelligent but socially and physically awkward. In film and television depictions, nerds are disproportionately white males with glasses and braces. They typically appear either to lack confidence or to be indifferent or oblivious to the negative perceptions held of them by others, with the result that they become frequent objects of scorn, ridicule, bullying, and social isolation. Some nerds show a pronounced interest in subjects which others tend to find dull or complex and difficult to comprehend, or overly mature for their age, especially topics related to science, disambiguation, mathematics and technology. On the opposite end of the spectrum, nerds may show an interest in activities that are viewed by their peers as immature for their age, such as trading cards, comic books, or role playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons and other things relating to fantasy and science fiction. They are also stereotyped for being obsessed with Star Trek, Star Wars, and other science fiction shows or movies. Nerds are often portrayed as either obese or incredibly thin and nonathletic. Nerds are also portrayed as having symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder such as by showing an extreme devotion to following classroom rules.The favored drink of most nerds is Mountain Dew. This might seem a strange thing but there is reason behind. Nerds, are not home by ten o’clock. Nerds surprisingly are night owls. They will stay out until after dawn and it’s always doing the same thing: playing video games or playing Dungeons and Dragons. They have to get their energy from somewhere and Mountain Dew is full of sugar and caffeine. Even when nerds stay home, they are still up all night on the computer, playing video games or just playing video games. Starbucks and energy drinks are common staples for a nerd as well. So basically, that right there, is exactly what a nerd is =]

 and here’s a little something for your viewing pleasure;


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Bits and Bytes

OK, assuming most of you are computer illiterate, I will begin to attempt to teach you about file sizes, and their respective names, than give a short quiz, and the winner gets a custom program. All answers to this quiz should be emailed to me, with the title QUIZ ANSWERS! and your name. I will announce the winners shortly after. Let’s begin!

A byte is the smallest form of storage. The basis for all other forms of storage.

A killabyte is the next one up. Almost 1,000 bytes.

A megabyte is 1,000 killabytes.

A gigabyte is 1,000 megabytes.

And for all you sneaky people out there that want to know, yes, a yottabyte is the biggest form of measurement. It is represented as 2 ^ 80 power.

OK, and now for the questions.

1) If a file is 243 MB, and the hard drive can hold 320 GB max, how much percentage of the hard drive is left over after the 243 MB are added on?

2) If a computer sends files at a rate of 56KB/per second, and the file is 443 MB, how long will it take to transfer?

3) How much memory is left on a 75BG hard drive after the following programs are installed?

-A 6KB notepad file

-A 4GB Game stolen off a torrent (jeez)

-243MB worth of Word Documents

-16GB of video

-472MB of music

-2.6GB of illegally downloaded music

-3GB of porn (holy crap)

Good luck everyone!

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Random Trick (and some ranting about Mac Vs. PC)

    Type = rand (200, 99) into Microsoft Word exactly as it appears here. Press enter and a look for a result. Micorosoft has been asked about this and has produced no solid reason as to why this will happen. Sorry for being vague but you should see for yourself what happens. I think its cool, but then again I am a nerd. Though so are you if you are reading this. This also might work if you type = rand ( ). They both work on my computer but the first one bring up 235 pages while the second bring up only a paragraph.

    By the way, Mac sucks! User-friendly interface is a load of crap. PCs are just as “user-friendly” and are much better for most serious things. Macs are good when it comes to playing around on the computer. I wish my computer had photobooth and garageband but still, I’m fairly positive that it is possible to get similar programs on a PC. PC is a much better all-around computer and Windows has the best programs for office work. Mac knows it too. Why do you think that Apple has begun to let people put programs such as Word, Office, and Powerpoint on their computers? AppleWorks doesn’t compare to those programs would be an acceptable answer.

Anyway leave a comment. I’d like to take a poll on Mac Vs. PC

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the official nerd themesong


It’s the song every nerd should know: The Pokemon Card/Milkshake parody. The first time I heard this, I seriously could not stop laughing. I couldn’t help my self from playing it over and over again.. it’s simply brilliant. as nerds, i hope you all will enjoy this video!

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My First Official Post: Hello, World HTML

My last post wasn’t technically a post, more or less an “edit of my page.” So, after much thought put into what I should talk about, here it is, my first official post. I will show everyone here the basics of writing in HTML. To view this locally on your computer, save it as .html or .htm. ENJOY!

You need the following in almost all HTML documents.





In between the body tags, type <p> Hello, World </p>. Hello World is the first program written in any language, and my next post will be on doing Hello World in PerL. So, test this out and good luck. Any questions, leave them below.


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A List of Things to Do When Your Bored (if you are a nerd)

If a nerd ever gets bored, which is a rare event, considering they are always wrapped up in research or something, these are the best things a nerd can do!

1. Get on the computer and immerse yourself in a random game or topic

2. Monty Python – the best movies EVER if you are a nerd (for some reason most people don’t find it funny but with my nerd friends its the most hilarious thing)

3. Be way to specific about something

4. Play World of Warcraft. Nothing like a level 80 character!

5. Read the dictionary.

We here at Nerds Rule! personally do these activities when we are bored! Try them out!


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Locker Stuffing

Have you ever gotten stuffed into a locker? I know it is pesky. But I have com up with a simple plan that can help you survive in a locker for five days. The first thing is get a subscription to Weight Watchers. This way you can eat while in the locker and also lose weight. This can prevent the locker from getting cramped. Also install movable locker shelves so you can have maximum head room! Finally, all you have to do is know how to scream. I know my plan is for five days, but the faster you are out the sooner you can complete your calculus homework!

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Now, all nerds know not to be anywhere near the lead bully in your school, but somtimes contact is inevitable. Probably the most used action against a nerd is the swirly. This is a horrible concept. First the bully grabs you by you neck and shoves you head into a toilet bowl. Not so pleasant…huh? It is even worse when the toilet is full of excrement! I have devised a no swirly guide for the unfortunate nerd:

1. Give the bully your lunch money.
2. Be the bully’s slave.
3. Give yourself a swirly. (Go down with dignity!)
4. Produce an extremely long mathmatical equation that bores the bully to death.
5. Take steroids. Give the bully a swirly.

There you have it, an easy guide for getting out of swirlies!

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Are You a Nerd?

Welcome! This is the hot-spot for nerds! Feel free to express you nerdiness anytime, any way! This is a place for you! I’d like to start with a post that deciphers if you are a nerd or not!

1. You never get invited to social parties, but you think it is because you too cool for them.

2. You go to ComicCon every year as a character from World of Warcraft.

3. You maintain a grade point average of 4.5. The .5 is from extra credit!

4. Your only friend is your computer.

5. You think “hooking up” is booting up your computer.

6. Your mom still dresses you.

7. Your always behind on gossip.

8. You spend your life in the computer lab at school.

9. You like techno music.

10. You think being bad is not raising your hand to answer a question.

So, are you a nerd?


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