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Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. I thought I’d let everyone know that. Though it is not as appreciated in America, soccer is an extemely popular sport throughout the world it is the numero uno sport in South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia. That’s 5 out of 6 habited continents. The soccer organization association FIFA has 204 member countries and once had more members than the UN. But enough about popularity. Let’s get into some leagues and scores etc.

MLS- Major League Soccer is the American soccer league and covers Canada and the US It is probably the least popular league in the world.

Priemiership- the English soccer league. It is the most competitve and popular league in the world. As of now Manchester United holds the lead followed by Chelsea and Arsenal.

Spanish Priemier- Another popular Eurpoean league, the Spanish priemeir is host to clubs such as Barcelona, Real Madrid and Villareal.

Serie A- the Italian soccer league- extremely popular and known for its number of brawls. I can say that every month there is a brawl at an Italian stadium where the police are involved. Inter Milan holds the lead now with Roma following in close second.

Those are the most important club leagues in my opinion and I won’t bore you with more but heres a list

Super Liga

Hyudai A-League

Australian League

Scottish Priemier

There are leagues in all of the coutries of Europe, most Middle Eastern countries including Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, most of Asia, South America, and North America. Way to many to list. There are many international club and natioanl competitions such as UEFA, EURO, and the World Cup.


For scores, standings, statistics, leagues, teams, and anything else you could or want to ever know about the world’s greatest game go to


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