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My Chernobyl Video

Inspired by my latest post, I made this. Enjoy!


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Special Article Now Up

Although it has nothing to do with hacking and programming, I have updated my page with a little something special. <– Direct Link

Check it out!


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Bits and Bytes

OK, assuming most of you are computer illiterate, I will begin to attempt to teach you about file sizes, and their respective names, than give a short quiz, and the winner gets a custom program. All answers to this quiz should be emailed to me, with the title QUIZ ANSWERS! and your name. I will announce the winners shortly after. Let’s begin!

A byte is the smallest form of storage. The basis for all other forms of storage.

A killabyte is the next one up. Almost 1,000 bytes.

A megabyte is 1,000 killabytes.

A gigabyte is 1,000 megabytes.

And for all you sneaky people out there that want to know, yes, a yottabyte is the biggest form of measurement. It is represented as 2 ^ 80 power.

OK, and now for the questions.

1) If a file is 243 MB, and the hard drive can hold 320 GB max, how much percentage of the hard drive is left over after the 243 MB are added on?

2) If a computer sends files at a rate of 56KB/per second, and the file is 443 MB, how long will it take to transfer?

3) How much memory is left on a 75BG hard drive after the following programs are installed?

-A 6KB notepad file

-A 4GB Game stolen off a torrent (jeez)

-243MB worth of Word Documents

-16GB of video

-472MB of music

-2.6GB of illegally downloaded music

-3GB of porn (holy crap)

Good luck everyone!

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My First Official Post: Hello, World HTML

My last post wasn’t technically a post, more or less an “edit of my page.” So, after much thought put into what I should talk about, here it is, my first official post. I will show everyone here the basics of writing in HTML. To view this locally on your computer, save it as .html or .htm. ENJOY!

You need the following in almost all HTML documents.





In between the body tags, type <p> Hello, World </p>. Hello World is the first program written in any language, and my next post will be on doing Hello World in PerL. So, test this out and good luck. Any questions, leave them below.


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