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Dungeons and Dragons

Ok, this is the coolest game if you are a nerd. It involves role playing, kind of like World of Warcraft. You can be a monster or a wizard or warlock, plus others. This is the biggest nerd game out there, check it out!


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How to be a nerd!

This is an informative video on how to be the best nerd you can be!

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Dating for nerds!

Ok, this is a big topic on every immature nerd in the universe. Girls. And how to get them. Well, we have the answers. First let’s find out who’s in your league:

Not in your league:                              In your league:     


So we covered who you are looking for, but what do you say. You can always go for the nerd approach like,” Do you want to see my pocket protector?” or,” May I review your body structure to test for harmful diseases?” But if you want to be certain to get a date say,” Hey baby, I’m no Fred Flinstone, but I’ll make your bed rock!” Isn’t that better? So go, have at it, and tell us what happened!

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A List of Things to Do When Your Bored (if you are a nerd)

If a nerd ever gets bored, which is a rare event, considering they are always wrapped up in research or something, these are the best things a nerd can do!

1. Get on the computer and immerse yourself in a random game or topic

2. Monty Python – the best movies EVER if you are a nerd (for some reason most people don’t find it funny but with my nerd friends its the most hilarious thing)

3. Be way to specific about something

4. Play World of Warcraft. Nothing like a level 80 character!

5. Read the dictionary.

We here at Nerds Rule! personally do these activities when we are bored! Try them out!


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