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Now all you average people out there may have a hard time deciphering what the so called “nerd” is saying. I have compiled a list of common terms used by nerds. If you need a term deciphered please post a comment and i will decipher it.


This word means ‘newbie’, or the inexperienced. This word was created when two nerds were about to play an Xbox game. One nerd happened to be a level 300 dungeon-master while the other was a loser just starting on counterstrike. While playing the game with each other and surfing on the web simultaneously, the level 300 dungeon-master called his partner a n00b because he was too preoccupied to type out newbie or amateur. Because of this, the use of this word causes your testosterone levels to drop by 5%, and your typing skills to drop by 30%.


This word is a mutilation of the word ‘Ownage’, which is pretty damn stupid itself but at least makes the least bit of sense. Pwnage was started by the makers of Supermario who had screwed up the typing and never caught the error. Instead of typing “owned”, they typed “pwned”, which unwittingly caused millions of nerds and losers to begin saying this in chat rooms and forums. Those who use this word experience a 10% loss of intelligence per usage. The idiots who use it aren’t that smart anyway, so it’s not much of a loss.


Quite possibly the most ridiculous word in history and the most embarrassing word to use ever, this word was invented by a team consisting of Stephen Hawkings, Ayn Rand, Bill Gates, every MENSA member (even the dead ones), the top 5 chess players in the world, and the top 5 players of various games. It took 6 months to develop this horrible word, after which the room that the development took place in had to be cleaned of wires, saliva, retainers, and suspenders. a This word is a perverted version of ‘great’ or ‘mega’ and is used as an adjective to describe an event. The use of this word causes your appearance to worsen by 25% per usage, your acne to worsen by 50% per usage, your self-esteem to lessen by 30% per usage, your popularity to lessen by 90% per usage, and the amount of life you have to lessen by 95%. If this word is combined with “pwn”, these effects are doubled.



  1. There’s actually two different forms of n00b. “n00b” is when someone is inexpierenced, but too incompetant to realize it. Being a n00b is bad, and people dislike you for it.
    The other is “newb” or a newbie. Someone who’s new to whatever is happening. newbs should be cherished and taught. They only suck because they don’t know better, but they could learn. If left unchucked, they will eventually transform into n00bs.

    Comment by epicwesley | April 16, 2008 | Reply

  2. LOL. How bout you put up what the following are:

    Script Kiddie
    l337 |-|4x0r

    Comment by spartan5565 | April 18, 2008 | Reply

  3. hilarious stuff.

    but what happened to the oh so nerdy, BOOM HEADSHOT!

    Comment by hjazn | April 18, 2008 | Reply

  4. lmao, i always wanted to know what a n00b was

    Comment by couturex3kc | April 18, 2008 | Reply

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